Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentine's at the Magic Kingdom

Last week, on Valentine's Day, I took a ferryboat over to the Magic Kingdom...


The ground by the Ferryboat launch was covered in colored chalk doodles...I think they do this in the morning when people are waiting for the first ferry to depart, fun!

I do love that view of the castle across the water, that you only get when taking the ferry!

I had one paticular goal, and one paticular destination that day.  The destination: the Main St. Bakery.  The goal: try a special Valentine's Day cupcake!

Sadly my Prince Charming still hasn't shown up, so there's no fella to buy me flowers or cards (or, for that matter, cupcakes!), but I still love Valentine's Day.  It's an excuse to fit as much pink into one day as you possibly can, and I love the color pink.  So I totally loved these cupcakes I had spotted at MSB earlier in the week...

Not only were they pink, but they had princesses!  I was hoping to find them at the Bakery on Valentine's itself, but I came over a little later in the afternoon -- so there was a bit of a worry that they might be sold out already.

I hastened down Main Street to the bakery (the outside of which, by the way, is under construction currently, which I am not a fan of.  They've even covered up the awning, so it blocks the view of the castle a bit.  But ANYway...).  Into the bakery, and as I was winding through the line I caught a glimpse of the case: there was no pink in sight.

It never hurts to ask, however, so I inquired of the cast member and was delighted when she pulled a beautiful pink cupcake out of the refrigerator!

They didn't have the princess cupcakes, but the little heart balloons were adorable...and they were plastic, so I could keep them!  It's always fun when you get an unexpected extra that you can keep. :)

I took my cupcake down to the pretty yellow tables by the rose garden...

The view was gorgeous, but sadly it's a smoking area down there.  So I moved up to a similar table, right up by the Plaza restaurant.

It had a really lovely table too!  And the heart-shaped chairs were perfect for the day. :)

I had such a lovely afternoon, just sitting and writing letters and snacking on my cupcake!

I watched the castle show go at least twice, lol!  I love the music for it though. :)

The cupcakes were ordinary red velvet but quite tasty!

They were filming a commercial on one of the rose garden know that lawn where they always show families blissfully meeting characters with no wait and no crowds in the ads.  I walked by later on and the scene they were filming was a cast member admitting guests to some sort of event.  I asked and was told it's a commercial for the dessert'll be fun to see it when they use the footage!

The evening was positively glorious.  It was so lovely just to sit and admire the castle.

Happy Monday, and Happy Belated Valentine's Day!


  1. What a fun Valentine's Day! And such a cute cupcake!

  2. great update! Love all the pink and loved your stationary and noticed you changed your VB to a red one!! And the sky was absolutely perfect!!!!

  3. "you know that lawn where they always show families blissfully meeting characters with no wait and no crowds in the ads." LOL! I read that to my DW and we both, literally, LOLed. Best always, MSF

  4. Cutest cupcake ever! Miss you Emily!