Thursday, January 5, 2012

Snowflakes at Epcot

So I've been running around getting all these holiday pictures at resorts and the Magic Kingdom, but I've sadly neglected the other three theme parks!  I was working a lot in December, and I didn't get into the parks a whole lot, but I did make it a priority one evening to get over to Epcot to see some of the Candlelight Processional.

I took the monorail in - love that view of the park as you loop through.

I see a big,beautiful Christmas tree shining in the night!

Once I entered through the turnstiles, I found Epcot was drenched in snow flakes!  LOVE!

Goofy and Donald were skating in front of a pine tree forest, all lit up with lights!

Snowflakes on the monorail beam, and the moon looking mysterious!

Looks like a certain little alien got himself all tangled up in the lights!  Lilo, we need some help over here!

I threaded my way through future was nearing mid-December when I took these pics and the parks were getting busy enough!  Then again, Epcot always seems to be hopping in the evening.

A wintry stage set up in front of the dancing fountain.

It may have been December, but the evening was hot and muggy.  As I was passing through China I decided it was the perfect time to try something from the Joy of Tea stand...

I had a Strawberry Oolong Tea Slush.  It was SO refreshing and tasty.  It was rather like the old strawberry granitas from Italy -- fruity and flavorful, only then add in the tea flavor in addition to the strawberry.  I loved it.

ANYway, the Candlelight Processional hadn't started yet when I walked through America.  The line for people with tickets was very long, but they were moving pretty quickly to seats in the theatre.  The line for stand-by seats was INSANE, it stretched practically all the way back to Italy.   And it wouldn't be moving anywhere until all the people with tickets got in.  The Candlelight Processional is really popular!

If having a good seat to experience the Candlelight Processional is important to you, I would definitely do one of the dining packages where you get the advanced seating's kinda like a Fantasmic dining package I think - you eat in the park and then you get to go into the theatre early.

I didn't mind standing at the back, so I used the half hour or so before the performance to head on over to Mitsukoshi to pick up some presents.

They always seem to have cute paper goods here, and their Christmas selection did not dissapoint!

Also loved these unique little calendars!  For every month there's a slightly different cat/dog/bear.

I made my purchases then trekked back to America...

This was the best spot I could find!  The theatre was completely filled, standing room and all, and it was two or three deep to stand behind all the rows of seating.  I didn't stay for the whole performance as it was late and I was fading fast, but I loved getting a glimpse of it.

None of my pics are great, as I was on tip toe holding the camera above my head!

There were SO many singers!  I loved the Christmas tree formation in the middle best.  They sang all the classic hymns and carols, with a pause every once in awhile for the celebrity reader to continue with the Christmas story.

That's why they call it the CANDLELIGHT processional...beautiful!

I love the things they did with the lights in the background too!

See the fellow by the tree?  He was signing the performance.  He was practically dancing, he had such great expressions!

List of the celebrities.  That night it was Isabella Rossellini.  I just missed NPH, who I heard was great.

Goodnight Epcot!


  1. We saw NPH's last performance and he was really terrific. Glad you got to see a bit of the show.

  2. OH, love Epcot at Christmas.....we were there after Thanksgiving and got to enjoy the CP with Michael W. Smith. Awesome!! Saw Chita Rivera a couple of Christmas' ago. We really love all WDW offers at Christmas. Such a special time. (Though I think we liked MNSSHP more than MVMCP),

    Again, love your blog.


  3. That slushie looks yummy, will have to try that! I LOVE the Candlelight Processional, we saw NPH a few years ago and he was great. I have it on CD and listen to it often (even in the summer).

  4. Love all the updates. Epcot is beautiful around Christmas. Thanks for shareing your pictures. From the pictures it looks cold then you post one of a slushie...LOL. That looks delish by the way. One day I WILL see the CP.