Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Boardwalk Baubles

One thing I don't like about Christmas these days is how quickly we hurry through it.  In older ages, it seems like society didn't scramble into the season the minute October hit, only to drop it like a hot brick on December 26th, the way we seem to do today.

You know the song the Twelve Days of Christmas?  Well that refers to the twelve days *after* Christmas, leading up to the celebration of Epiphany, the coming of the wise men, on January 6th.  So I'm going to keep Christmas going for just a few more days here on the blog, with a few more decorations detail posts!  (After all, the decorations are still up around Disney for a few more days!)

Anyone fancy a trip to the Boardwalk?

I couldn't really get through the season without doing a post on this place.  I tend to hang out here. kinda a lot. ;) And surprisingly, the decorations haven't lost their charm!  I really love the way the swags, elegantly draped between the white columns, just transform the space, filling it with Christmas spirit.

It's also nice how the swags and trees are just filled to the brim with ornaments.  They're positively dripping with yuletide baubles and Santa's. 

Disney just stuffs the branches full of ornaments, it makes it so opulent!

I have to say...the Boardwalk has some of the most darling Santa ornaments

Speaking of Santa, fun story from a check-in I did a few weeks ago.  It was a mom and dad and their 10-year-old son.  They told me they usually come for a week at Christmastime, but they had had to cancel their trip earlier in the year.

Then, at the last minute, they decided to come to stay, even though it would only be for three days.  The little boy went over to look at Stitch on the gingerbread house, and the mom told me why: the son believes that the only *real* Santa Claus is the one at Disney (which of course it is!), and since he's getting older and might not believe much longer, they wanted to bring him to experience the magic one more time.  How adorable is that??  I loved that family!

Shhh...Santa's watching!

Close-up of the small tree you see between the sliding doors, right before you come into the lobby.  Love how it's dusted with snow, and how the baubles have icicles hanging from them!  Also note the cool tree stand:


In other posts I've tried to show the decorations "chronologically" as it were, so you see it the same way you would as if you were entering the resort.  But lol, that didn't work out so well with this one.  Technically these are what you'd see first when you come in.

Then you'd turn to the left and see that Stitch has taken over the gingerbread at the Boardwalk!


Some close-ups.  Looks like Donald's stuck in the chimney!

Yep, there's a little train going around the gazebo...each car has the name of a Boardwalk restaurant, and they're connected on the train in the same order they are down on the Boardwalk!

Look beyond the gingerbread gazebo, and you'll see Stitch has a gingerbread store as well!


A pic of the gingerbread bakery from the side and of the inside, where Lilo is baking up some cookies!


The way those two big trees frame the fireplace makes it a really popular spot for family photos - it was also where Minnie and Mickey and Santa were out meeting and greeting the week before Christmas.  Love the poinsettia trees too.  Can you imagine how many poinsettias Disney orders during the holidays?  The mind boggles!

Ok, so if you're sick of lobby photos, I have good news.  We're moving outside...

Because of course there are plenty of decorations on the Boardwalk itself too!


I don't know what it is about dangly Christmas-colored hanging flower baskets, but I LOVE them!

We're almost done, I promise.  It's only the decorations in the Screen Door General Store were so cute, I thought you all would like to see those too!

If you're a fan of Santa decorations, then you need to get yourself to the Boardwalk!

It must be easy to decorate shops, because you can you the merchandise as decor!

A quick swing by Seashore Sweets and our Boardwalk baubles tour will be complete!

Hope your day is sweet as a candy cane! ;)


  1. Will be there in 3 weeks - well not "there" but around the bend at Beach Club. I'm sure all of the decorations will be gone by then so it is nice to be able to enjoy them here!

  2. Ohhhhhh..........THANK YOU for stretching out Christmas!!! I love it and it just goes by TOO fast.

    Love all the wonderful pics.......again, thanks for your great blog!


  3. Your pic of "Santa watching" is perfect! We keep saying that some year we will go to WDW for the holidays. I just MUST see the Candlelight Processional (and would love to stay at Wilderness Lodge, all decorated!). Best always, MSF (MainStreetFireman)

  4. Yeah! So excited that you have extended Christmas! I was at the Grand Floridian on Christmas Eve and the tea room was near empty. I walked up to the podium to inquire if they could seat me and they could! It was like a little present to myself!