Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Palm Tree Corner

Do you know where these tall palm trees and this cool cactus are??

And good work on last week's Wed. trivia -- you guys were exactly right, it was of Pirates, taken from the Tiki Room queue!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Lemon Ginger YUM.

Here we are, back at Monday again!  Is it just me or is January just flying by?  I wish it would slow down, January is my favorite month. :)

But every Monday at least I get to slow down for a cupcake!  My last post was about the Polynesian, so this post is going to be about a Polynesian cupcake.  Remember those new gourmet cupcakes at Captain Cook's?  Last time we sampled the chocolate it's time for lemon ginger!

FACT.  Cupcakes are even more delicious when eaten amidst tropical foliage.


Beware of sneaky tiki gods...they may try to steal your cupcake!!

Lemon ginger cupcakes also look great poised on the arm of a Polynesian sofa.  As I was taking all these pics, a lady across the lobby caught my eye and laughed and asked if it was my birthday.  No, I just like cupcakes.  And taking pictures of them, lol!

Oh, but maybe you want to know how it TASTES, and not just how it looks? ;)

I was a big fan of this cupcake.  It was really good, and also it was really different from anything else I'd had.  The icing was sort of marshmallow-y, like on a s'mores cupcake.  The ginger cake itself was WONDERFUL.  It was one of those times when you don't mind that there's not enough icing to go with the cake, because the cake stands alone.

Then on the inside was a lemon-y filling.  When it comes to lemon in desserts, I usually am not a fan, but this filling I actually added this really light, refreshing element to the cupcake.  I can see why they serve this one chilled, it would be really tasty on a hot summer's day!  But then it was entirely enjoyable on my rainy Florida winter day as well. :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rainy Afternoon at the Polynesian

Yesterday was my day off, so as a treat, I decided to spend the afternoon and early evening at the Polynesian.

It was just the sort-of weather I like best.  Mild, but with a crisp breeze.  The sky was slate grey, and even when the raindrops started to fall, I stayed in my hammock and joyfully felt them sprinkle my cheeks.  Soon the beach was mine.  Later it did pour, so I sat in the lobby for a bit and had a lemon ginger cupcake (which I'm sure you'll be reading about come Monday!).  But when the rain cleared I went out again.

Sunset pinks and purples were just peeking through the grey, cloudy sky.  Gorgeous.

Just look at the symphony of grey up in those clouds!

The castle really popped against the darkening sky and water.

A quick stroll up to Sunset Point, blowing a kiss good night to the castle...

And a kiss to the wonderful Polynesian as well!  Then I strolled out to the parking lot to the strains of Island music.  Everybody needs a little Polynesian now and then. :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another Wednesday Trivia Photo...

Fire up your Disney knowledge, I've got another "Where in WDW Wednesday" pic!

This trivia has two parts.  I bet you can guess what the photo's of...but can you guess where it's taken from?

And since the pic from two weeks' previous got no guesses, I'll tell you: that little dragonfly is perched on a lamp in the Sunset Safari Lounge at the Animal Kingdom Lodge!  Have a look the next time you go, I think touching his wings brings you luck. :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Carrot Cupcake Monday


This week we're going to hop on a launch...

...and head on over to the Wilderness Lodge!

Now we've been to Roaring Fork for cupcakes before, namely to try the smores cupcake and a lovely chocolate caramel one as well.  But today we're going to go with the CARROT CUPCAKE.

It's no secret that I adore chocolate.  It's pretty much my favorite dessert.  In fact, I pretty much have this idea that no dessert is complete without it.  But then every rule has its exceptions, doesn't it?  Carrot cake is my exception. :)

Maybe it's that lovely cream cheese icing.  And I really like the texture of the cake, even when it has little tiny shreds of carrot in it (as this one did).  And it's pretty much a vegetable AND a cake, so you don't have to feel so guilty about eating it.  It works that way, right??

Also, not sure I've mentioned this, but the Wilderness Lodge is basically the cosiest place to eat a cupcake.  anywhere.

You can sit and gaze up at the echoes of Grand Canyon strata on the fireplace...

Cool fireplace screen...but then every fireplace in the WL has a cool fireplace screen.  It's fun to hunt them all out.

You can eat your cupcake from a rocking chair on an upper floor, whilst gazing down at the life below...

...or you can do what I did, which was mosy on down to the Villas at the Wilderness Lodge and sit in their uber cosy rocking chairs and lovely little lobby.

Yo (my yeti, remember?) very much enjoyed the lined and leather rocking chairs.

But I made sure his sparkly teeth didn't get anywhere near my carrot cupcake!

Hope it was a happy monday! :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Let's Take a Stroll...

It's Friday!  Well, for me work-wise it's actually only Tuesday, but still, there's something rather joyful about Friday. :)  So how 'bout we see the weekend in with a leisurely little stroll around the French Quarter at Port Orleans?

A few weeks ago I found myself out that way with an hour or so to spare before an appointment, so I decided to stop in.

The prettiest parts of the French Quarter IMO aren't the inside of the lobby, they're the outside -- all the little streets, the palm trees, the colorful buildings.

I first stayed at French Quarter when I was about 11 or 12.  It was that age when your parents are just starting to let you go out and explore on your own.  One evening I grabbed a radio and set out to explore the streets!

No one to tell you where to go, just your own two feet to follow, and no brothers tagging along, just me - it was like magic!  Now, of course, I'm always exploring where I like by myself, but then it was the first time, and it was so new and fresh and exciting.  Plus the place I had to explore was so much fun -- I've always loved miniatures and dollhouses, so all the pretend streets were like a miniature town from a dream!

I tried to discover all the fountains and courtyards...I made up stories of what would be happening in this sweet little town I had found myself in.  I will never forget that hour my 12-year-old self spent by herself, just meandering and dreaming at leisure.

At 22, these streets and trees and courtyards and cosy corners have not lost their charm.  I wandered lonely as a cloud, taking pictures, and the only thing I had to wish for was that my family was still up in one of those rooms, as they were on that trip 10 years ago!


Look at that spanish moss blowing in the breeze!  I love the brick gates, flanked by black iron fences and leafy green hedges.  So elegant, but familiar and comfortable too.

I sat on a bench by the long green lawn and watched a family playing, a little girl in her Tangled dress toddling along as she tried to catch up with the Frisbee!  It was fairly quiet -- probably because of both the hour and the time of year.  It was quite nice before Christmas, late in November and early in December.  It should be getting nice and quiet again...with the marathon right after New Year's the crowds have taken a little longer to die down, but they're leaving...gradually!

You can probably tell from the was quite a grey day.  When you're vacationing to Florida, you love the sunshine.  But when you live here you learn to savour the cloudy days!  There was a fine breeze too, and for once I could wear the sweatshirt I brought.

Look at how bright those railings are!  They're like teal lace!

Doesn't this look like a mansion set on the corner?  I'm fairly sure it houses the laundry/housekeeping facilities.  But how cute are those colors?  The pale stone with the robin's egg blue shutters.

I loved the black on the pale blue too.  This would be another place where it would be so fun to do a photo session.  now just imagine a couple smiling in the middle of that!

More colors to admire!  I tried to sneak a peek into some of the rooms to see the princess ones...but whenever you found a room with open curtains, there would often be a face peering back out at you! Oops!

I will leave you with a French Quarter classic: the spitting frog fountain!  Thanks for taking a stroll with me, have a magical Friday!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chocolate Polynesia...I Mean Macadamia!

The cupcake mania at Disney World has been catching!  Imagine my surprise when, on a recent trip to Captain Cook's, I discovered some lovely, brand new cupcakes on display!


They had a few out under domes on top of the treats case, but really they were all keeping chilly in the refrigerator case.

One sad thing: often when a cupcake is in the refrigerator it means the price will be slightly less.  For instance, the red velvet cupcake from the Beach Club was around $2.50 while the ordinary gourmet cupcake is $4.25 (with tax).  I guess the Polynesian considers their refrigerated cupcakes to be more gourmet, because they were the more expensive price.

The selection included lemon ginger, chocolate macadamia, and mango passion fruit (the one pictured above).  I cannot WAIT to try the mango passion fruit.  When I came back later in the evening, all that was left was the chocolate macadamia nut.  Normally I'm not a fan of nuts in desserts, but I decided I'd still give it a go.


It was very nice, and when you cut into the cupcake it looked at first like the macadamia factor was only on top, but once you bit into it you could still taste them in the cake as well.  Still, normally I would not like anything with the word "macadamia" in the description, and this one I did actually like.