Friday, December 28, 2012

The Dancing Lights of Hollywood

Let's take a stroll through Hollywood, shall we?
It's that time of evening when the light in the sky in just starting to fade and the lights on the street are beginning to glow...
There is plenty of holiday spirit on Mickey Avenue, but the really festive sight is waiting at the back of the park.  Once you reach Star Tours, there are cast members in candy-cane striped hats and scarves directing the crowds...soon you'll see the sky in the distance is alight with pixie dust.
Today's post is dedicated to the Osbourne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights!
Last year on Christmas Day, in the evening, I braved the crowds to go see the Dancing Lights.  It had been many years since I last saw them, and I was blown away!
Every. square. inch. of space on the Streets of the Americas was COVERED with rainbow-colored lights.  There was Christmas music playing, and every ten minutes it would SNOW.  It was a bubble snow, but still.
The sky was full of angels!
The red arrow on the globe, I believe, points to the town in Arkansas that the Osbournes are from.  There was another little star on the globe marking Bethlehem.
There are SO many little details to notice - like the glowing bikes and a surfboard that had peace, love, and mickey mouse on it! (The mouse is lit up in the photo.)
Mickey is pulling a train with toy soldiers on it!
Elsewhere a larger-than-life fireplace was burning bright...
Christmas isn't complete without some carolers!  Sometimes, I'll admit, my family hides and pretends not to be home when real carolers come to the house, but these Disney carolers we like. ;)
LOVE the Mickey snowflakes!
Don't know if you can tell, but there are snowflakes in the air in this pic!
In one of these photos there is a hidden cat -- the cat is present every year, tucked somewhere in the display -- I remember finding her in 1997!  (I'll give you a hint - she's purple and she's not near the hoop!)
The sheer number of sparkling "fairy lights" is what makes the Dancing Lights so incredible -- you're completely surrounded, it feels like a different world - definitely a winter wonderland!
The lights make you notice the buildings more than you would normally - I never notices those pretty arched windows before, it almost looks like a church.
That is one GIANT tree!

But to really get a sense of the magic of the Osbourne Dancing Lights, you have to see the lights set to music.  Every ten minutes or so, the lights literally do dance along to Christmas tubes -- when we came in they were blinking to the Phineas and Ferb song!

So to close this post out, here is a video of the beautiful dancing lights of Hollywood.  Happy Holidays!

On the Fourth Day of Christmas...

FOUR chocolate horses on a big gingerbread carousel!


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

On the First Day of Christmas...

Merry, Merry Christmas everyone!  The Twelve Days of Christmas are upon us!

The song actually refers to the twelve days after Christmas, leading up to the Epiphany (when the three kings arrive) on January 6th.  I'm going to count them down here on the blog with twelve of my favorite Disney Christmas sights, sounds, and details!

To start us off, on the first day of Christmas...

A Polynesian Christmas Tree!  (minus the partridge )

I'd love to hear what YOUR twelve days of Disney Christmas would look like - be sure to chime in in the comments or do a post on your own blog and I'll link to it here!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Winter Wilderness Wonderland

There are only TWO days until Christmas, and NINE days until I'll be heading down to Disney World to ring in the New Year!

To pass the time before these exciting events, I'm going to share some more photos of some lovely Disney holiday decorations!!

Today we're going to explore the winter wonderland at the Wilderness Lodge!  Don't you love that great big wreath gracing the portico?

This is one pretty place.

And one incredible tree!

As usual with Disney Decorating, the ornaments are perfectly themed and thoughtfully chosen.  Sprays of prairie grasses and red berries are bursting out of pretty saddlebags.


Look closely and you'll find little canoes and acorns sprinkled in between green branches and bright red poinsettias.

...and maybe a few cute birch bears too!

Of course the most famous bears at the Wilderness Lodge are the ones by the bridge!

The bridge itself looks pretty lovely too!

The Wilderness Lodge lends itself perfectly to the festive decor.

The plaid ribbons are so woodsy and so charming.

And where else will you find a MOOSE ANTLER garnishing a wreath??  I mean. really.  That's just decorating genius.

Each little world within the Wilderness Lodge has its own pretty touches like that.  Above is a peek at the Mercantile...

Here are the brightly red poinsettia swags decorating the walkway down to the buses.

A great big wreath on the Grand-Canyon-strata fireplace...

More loveliness in the lobby atrium.  How about we take a peek up on that fifth floor too, on the club level, to see the decorations on the Old Faithful Club level??

That personable brown bear is there all year - his name is Humphrey.

There are moose-antler wreathes up here too!

It's pretty cool to get an aerial view of all the decor!

Those lighted deer above the lobby entrance are so sweet.

One last photo...this one is my favorite!