Sunday, December 11, 2011

Have a Holly, Jolly, POLY Christmas!

Can you all believe how December is speeding by?  It'll be Christmas before you know it!  ...which is why I've been continuing to make a round of the resorts to check out the holiday decorations before they dissapear!

Y'all gotta know that I can't go very far talking about Disney resorts without talking about my favorite tropical paradise on the monorail line, the Polynesian!  So it should come as no surprise that that's the resort for today's post!

Even the parking lot at the Polynesian makes me happy.  That's saying something.

I see Port Cochere swags and wreathes!!

Note how the Christmas green and red becomes awesomely tropical in those hanging baskets with the twirly ferns and red flowers.  Also note how I got monorail red whizzing by above.  I was kinda proud of that. ;)


Someday I'd like to incorporate longboat oars into my holiday decorating scheme.  I just think it'd be fun.

The first of many big beautiful wreaths, this one over the kids' tv area.

No, we're not back at Coronado!  But there were some pretty poinsettias at the Poly too!

At the resorts there are always two prime decorated areas: the lobby itself, and the shops!

cool tropical tree.

I LOVE how they dress up the bouTIKI torches!

window shopping!

Look at how pretty that bow and ornament are.  It's like the presents in the display are wrapped in presents!

More wreath love!  There was just a profusion of delicate tropical flowers, yet somehow they worked perfectly in the wreath and became christmas-y instead of summer-y!

So it's no secret that from the hammocks to the palm trees to the cool closets in the rooms, I want basically everything from the Polynesian.  I seriously want this wreath's definitely high up on the list!

Check-in area...

The main Christmas tree is around back.  It's too bad they don't have the ceiling space to do a really mammoth tree like at other resorts.  I do think they could do something in the center on top of the little waterfall feature if they tried, they need to put me on a Disney decorating team!

More lovely flowers and ornaments!

Hey!  It's me!

So the main concentration of holiday swag is in the Grand Ceremonial House, and I just have two last photos to share...


On the left, don't know if you can see it, but probably the largest Christmas tree at the Polynesian is not in a public's secreted away upstairs in the concierge lounge, where they do have the vertical space for it!  It looks really pretty all lit up at night.  And to the right, a few wreaths at Captain Cook's.

Well, here's wishing, oh by golly, you all have a holly, jolly, POLY Christmas!


  1. Wouldn't it be fun to be a Disney florist?

  2. Great pictures, Miss Emma. Thanks! One question: What are the items in the big wreath? I see what looks like some pottery (bottom of wreath), a drum (at 9:00) and something else in the closeup picture. What is the last item? TIA!

  3. I too share your love of the Polly and I was really excited to see your pictures of it all done up in its Christmas "clothes".

  4. There were little pots that looked like carved guords in the wreathes. The item at 9 o'clock did look like a drum, or a little rain stick. And I know what you're talking about in the closeup, but I don't know what it is! It was small and wooden and looked like a little bug or a tiny table, lol! Maybe it was a Polynesian wooden scrub brush, or back scratcher?

  5. Update on our mystery item! I was back at the Poly the other day, and I took a closer look at the little wooden bug and realized it's hollowed out, like a bowl. It seems like the kind of dish you might serve poi in!