Monday, November 21, 2011

Strawberries in November

How about a little strawberry summer to brighten up your November Monday?

Today I've got a perfectly pink and adorable strawberry shortcake cupcake to share!

It's from...can you guess...that oh-so-lovely Boardwalk Bakery.  lol - I know, reeeeal original (that's my sarcastic Internet voice, btw ).  Sometimes I feel like half my cupcake Monday's are about the BB, but I can't help it -- they're so good!

And besides, who could resist those sweet strawberries??  Half the reason I love this cupcake is because of how adorable it is -- the garnish and the little red and pink strawberries.  It's like valentine's day in cupcake form.

This icing seemed more light and airy than every - probably because it actually looked like a cloud!  I feel like if I flew up into the sky in an airplane and just skimmed my finger along the top of a white fluffy cloud, it would taste like that icing.  (ok, so actually the icing probably tastes better 'cause there would be no airplane fumes or dirty birds around!)


I actually tried this cupcake a few weeks ago -- the Halloween cup in the background gives me away!  Now the cups have Christmas designs on them!

The cake itself was a lovely light vanilla.  The only thing I didn't love was the filling.  Usually the filling is really good, but this one had chunks of strawberry that I wasn't a huge fan of.


And a Cupcake Monday post isn't complete without a few atmosphere pics!

Just imagine: it's sunny and the sky is oh-so-blue.  You're sitting on a bench watching the friendships tool along peacefully to and fro in crescent lake.  Behind you the Boardwalk Resort rises up in red and white and yellow, not too unlike your yummy cupcake!

And if that's not a magical snack time, I don't know what is! :)

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