Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More Cast Member Stories

Today is the last of November.  Can you all believe it's practically December, and 2012??

November 30th marks my third month of being a cast member.  So to see out the end of November on the blog, as I enter my fourth month as a CM, I thought I'd do another post with some cast member stories!

It's so strange that the last time I was posting a few tales from work, I was writing about Halloween party guests passing by.  The seasons are already screwy enough in Florida; Disney just completely scrambles them!  Halloween starts in August, and then Christmas starts at the beginning of November.  Some days I feel so discombobulated...I feel like the fall hasn't even arrived yet, and it's practically December!

The Christmas decorations have made my job a lot more interesting...there's something new to look at when it's quiet around the lobby!  At the Boardwalk there are swags and trees just brimming with old-fashioned ornaments of every color, garnished with red-and-white striped bows, and with some of the pine needles frosted with sparkly snow!

Then of course there's also a huge gingerbread bakery and a big gazebo display with Stitch.  I'm not quite sure how Stitch goes with the Boardwalk, but hey, it's cute.

I was there the day they set up all the gingerbread stuff.  The entire lobby smelled sweet enough to eat.  It still does if you're standing right next to the display, but that day the scent was just everywhere in the air!  I almost wish I hadn't been working, cause then I could've been taking some pics.

Early in the morning they had tons of bins and trays filled with holiday sugar flowers, brightly-colored cookies in the shape of nutcrackers, dollies, and presents; and dozens and dozens of gingerbread roof tiles.  There was even a girl giving out samples of was pretty good!

Although I couldn't have my camera out while I was working, luckily Disney was filming the whole process with a time lapse camera!

I may or may not be seen speeding by a time or two during this video. ;)

At Halloween all the kids were in costumes and orange and brown.  Now there are lots of adorable Christmas-themed outfits.  I love the etsy ones!

One day at work there was this ADORABLE little girl waiting with her family for a magical express bus.  She was wearing a little red-and-white polka-dotted dress (looked like something a DISboutiquer might have made!).  She couldn't have been more than two, but she was so smart!  We admired her minnie hair clip, and she put her hand up trying to pull it out.

Not the exact dress or bow the girl was wearing, just ones like them I found randomly on etsy.  Aren't those hair bows SO cute??  I think I want some!

She was just toddling and running around the entrance area, and as she was coming towards me, I got down to her level and offered a hand for a high five.

She looks at me for a second, then breaks out into this HUGE smile, as if she knew me, and threw her hands up for a hug.  My heart absolutely melted.  I wanted to keep her, LOL!

On quiet days I'll sometimes take a roll of mickey stickers and cruise the lobby, making some magic, giving out long strings of stickers.  When my family visited Disney back in June, we checked in at Saratoga, and there was a greeter doing the exact same thing -- so it's pretty neat to be doing it myself now!

The kids absolutely LOVE getting a roll of stickers as tall as themselves.  With the parents, sometimes they're happy the kids are happy, but sometimes they give me a look like "Gee, thanks.  Who do you think is going to have to clean up these stickers later?"  lol, sorry!

I like it when the adults are into the magic too though.  As I was strolling about with my roll of stickers, a young couple walked by me, but a second later they came back.

"Sorry, could she get a sticker?" the guy asked.  The girl smiled, looking slightly sheepish.

If I were a Disney guest, I would totally want stickers too.  So I gave a big smile and said, "OF COURSE!" then unravelled a big looong string and gave it to her.  LOL.  They loved it. :)

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