Monday, November 28, 2011

Coronado Almost-a-Cupcake Monday

Well, it's Monday again!  Sorry I didn't get any posts in last week, but I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving!!


I made a mini feast for my brother and I.  I didn't want to get a whole big turkey we wouldn't be able to eat, so instead I got two little Cornish hens.

They were so cute, and really tasty too!

But it isn't Cornish Hen's CUPCAKE MONDAY!

The other evening I was over at Coronado Springs, where all the Christmas decorations look like they've been dipped in Mayan gold!

Seriously. SO PRETTY. (expect more holiday pics soon!) I haven't been to the Pepper Market in quite some time, so I wandered over to take a look at their sweets...


More pastries...

If you want to eat at the Pepper Market, you have to sit down, and there's an automatic gratuity added to your bill.  Luckily Coronado Springs has the same selection of desserts right down the way at their counter service/marketplace Cafe Rix.

Random pic of the 2011 Disney World holiday paper cup!

Did you know they sell big giant bowls of strawberries at Cafe Rix??  Looks delish.

Choices, choices!  Chocolate Cake...

Strawberry Cake...

or OREO cake?  I went with the last one!  Yes, I realize this is more like a piece of cake rather than a cupcake, but Coronado doesn't have any we can just pretend this is a square cupcake...maybe?  yes?  lol!

It was really good.  You know how some Oreo cakes just taste like chocolate cake and vanilla icing?  This one reeaaally tasted JUST. like. an Oreo.  And not only because of the cookie on top!  The icing was very nice and creamy.  The chocolate cake had a tendency to be the slightest bit dry, but overall very nice.

I give Coronado's "square" cupcakes a thumbs up! ;)

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  1. I just read through all of your blog posts and have been drooling over cupcake Mondays (today's was sooo scrumptious-looking!). Loving your blog and enjoying the viewpoint of a Disney-lover-turned-CM. :)
    - Cameo818 on the DIS