Sunday, November 6, 2011

Contempo Cupcakes

Happy Monday! (well,'s going to be a busy day tomorrow, so I figured I'd get this post up tonight while I have time!)

Today our quest for Disney cupcakes takes us to the monorail line...


Seriously, who doesn't love the Contemporary?  It's just beautiful!


The counter service at the Contemporary is called Contempo Grab n' Go.  And amongst the grab-then-go selection are some pretty stellar-looking cupcakes!

Now that's a pretty cupcake.  This one was black forest I think...anyway it involved cherries, which I'm not a huge fan of, so I didn't pick that one...

These ones were red velvet, which I do like, and the mickey was cute, but I decided to be a little more adventurous and go with...

Dos Leches...caramel, a little chocolate, sounds nice doesn't it?

Now you might be noticing something right about now...these pictures are all taken of the cupcakes in the case.  Not of a cupcake on my plate.

See, I have bought a dos leches cupcake in the past, but on that occasion I somehow didn't get any pics -- and I also discovered on that occasion, that it wasn't quite a good enough cupcake to repeat.

Here's the problem: see that beautiful swirl on top?  It looks like there's a huge amount of icing, doesn't it??  But really, the cake itself is domed shaped.  I was expecting superflous amounts of icing and what I got was woeful.  It felt like a mean trick.

The other thing I wasn't a huge fan of was the "caramel infusion."  It made the cake kinda wet - not in a pleasant way, and very crumbly.

So I didn't hate the cupcake, but it didn't seem good enough for the price ($4.25).  I wish I'd tried the worms and dirt cupcake instead -- it was more like $3.00 and it had chocolate ganache icing.

Ah well, another day!

So to sum up: Contempo cupcakes - big points for pretty, low points for the actual taste experience.

At least my trip to the Contemporary meant I got to see this beautiful sight!  A perfect way to end the day, even if it wasn't a perfect cupcake!


  1. I LOVE the monorail.

    Ok . . . I am craveing another post.

  2. Sorry for the lack of posts this week! But there will defs be a cupcake post by tonight. :)

  3. Love the Contemporary as well! I have tried the worms and dirt good! Next time, Emma. ;)