Monday, October 31, 2011

Spooky Cupcake No. 2: Autumnal Gourmet

So if we call the chocolate caramel cupcake from the Wilderness Lodge our "fun" Halloween cupcake, this next one I would call "autumnal gourmet."  Where's it from??

...why the one and only Boardwalk Bakery of course!  (lol, yeah.  I'm a little in love with this place!)

There are lots of pumpkins decorating the counter of the Boardwalk Bakery, so it be no surprise that the gourment Halloween cupcake is a PUMPKIN cupcake!


It was a thing of beauty...

I've come to expect light-as-air icing from Boardwalk cupcakes, and Mr. Pumpkin here didn't dissapoint.  The icing tasted like a super light, creamy pumpkin pie...only better than pumpkin pie, I can't even describe it.

But the cake really impressed me as well.  I wonder if it was a spice cake...there was certainly a bit of cinnamon in it!  It melted in your mouth, and complimented the fall flavors of the icing to perfection!

The center was filled with a pumpkiny, cinnamony, sweet mousse/cream -- absolutely wonderful!  I didn't want to finish it b/c then it'd be all gone, lol!

The little pumpkin topper was made of a white-chocolaty-like substance. (I know, such precise foody lingo...not!)

Once again the Boardwalk Bakery hits a home run...a DELISH fall cupcake!

One last fun Halloween fact about the Boardwalk...did you know they do trick or treating?  Yup!  You can go along to the different restaurants, shops, the lobby, etc. and get some candy - then they also had Halloween games with little trinkets as prizes and a dance party with a DJ going on out on the lawn:


They even had Donald Duck out takin' pics (on the left)...and I loved the giant inflatable Jack o' excellent way to celebrate the spooky day!

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