Monday, October 10, 2011

Peanut Butter Perfection

It's just occurred to me that most of the cupcakes I've posted about so far have been from the deluxe resorts.  That's no good, the other resorts have good cupcakes too!

So today in our sugary sojourn we're going to take a trip over to Caribbean Beach.

Port Royale looks rather festive and colorful, even in the dark!

I love this sign.  "Eat and Be Happy!"  What excellent advice!

Caribbean Beach's food court is kinda cute -- it has lots of different little counters for sandwiches, pasta, grill, etc.  What we're looking for is in the Grab n' Go section!

Do you see cupcakes??  I see cupcakes!

The ones in the case looked rather nice, but also rather ordinary.  I really got intrigued when I saw these in the refrigerated section:

No, not the sushi!

OH.  YES.  These guys.

Peanut butter. plus. Chocolate.  One of the most heavenly taste combinations the world of desserts has every known, if you ask me!

They were called monkey cupcakes, which I thought was odd at first, because I didn't know what was monkey-ish about peanut butter and chocolate, but I decided to find out!

Peanut butter icing is a very difficult thing to get right.  It needs to have the taste of peanut butter, but NOT the texture of peanut butter.  You need to take that nice nuttiness and add just the right amount of sweet.  So many peanut butter icings just can't get the right balance and disappoint.

This one, I am happy to say, was a near PERFECT peanut butter icing.  Not heavy at all, and the cupcake itself was lovely as well, nice and chocolaty and rich.  I took one bite, two bites -- all well.

But then on the third bite I realized why it's called a *monkey* cupcake -- the middle is filled with banana!  The filling was gloppy and a little chunky with the banana bits and rather cold, so I wasn't much of a fan.  Also I wouldn't have thought to put those three flavors together -- maybe in pairs, but not all three.

Anyway, if you're a PB choc fan, you'll want to at least try it, but be prepared for the monkey business in the center!

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