Monday, October 31, 2011

Spooky Cupcake No. 2: Autumnal Gourmet

So if we call the chocolate caramel cupcake from the Wilderness Lodge our "fun" Halloween cupcake, this next one I would call "autumnal gourmet."  Where's it from??

...why the one and only Boardwalk Bakery of course!  (lol, yeah.  I'm a little in love with this place!)

There are lots of pumpkins decorating the counter of the Boardwalk Bakery, so it be no surprise that the gourment Halloween cupcake is a PUMPKIN cupcake!


It was a thing of beauty...

I've come to expect light-as-air icing from Boardwalk cupcakes, and Mr. Pumpkin here didn't dissapoint.  The icing tasted like a super light, creamy pumpkin pie...only better than pumpkin pie, I can't even describe it.

But the cake really impressed me as well.  I wonder if it was a spice cake...there was certainly a bit of cinnamon in it!  It melted in your mouth, and complimented the fall flavors of the icing to perfection!

The center was filled with a pumpkiny, cinnamony, sweet mousse/cream -- absolutely wonderful!  I didn't want to finish it b/c then it'd be all gone, lol!

The little pumpkin topper was made of a white-chocolaty-like substance. (I know, such precise foody lingo...not!)

Once again the Boardwalk Bakery hits a home run...a DELISH fall cupcake!

One last fun Halloween fact about the Boardwalk...did you know they do trick or treating?  Yup!  You can go along to the different restaurants, shops, the lobby, etc. and get some candy - then they also had Halloween games with little trinkets as prizes and a dance party with a DJ going on out on the lawn:


They even had Donald Duck out takin' pics (on the left)...and I loved the giant inflatable Jack o' excellent way to celebrate the spooky day!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Spooky Cupcake No. 1: Sprinkly Halloween Fun

In celebration of the nearly-here spooky holiday, I decided that one post for one cupcake wasn't enough!  Therefore there will be several Halloween-y posts tonight and least *two* of which will involve some BOOtiful sweet treats. :)

To find the first piece of scary snackage, we're heading back to Roaring Fork at the Wilderness Lodge.  The Lodge is one of my favorite places to go to write letters and just generally be cosy.  I meant to only buy a sandwich, but then this cute caramel chocolate cupcake caught my eye, and I was sold...

I mean, after all, it had super cute Halloween sprinkles!!


On the left: more cupcake action.  On the right: the sandwich (turkey and havarti with dill on focaccia...mmmmm...)

I started taking pictures of the beautiful chocolaty icing, and I just couldn't stop...

Look at how pretty it is!!  I almost couldn't bear to dig my fork into it and ruin those gorgeous chocolate swirls!

Plus the sprinkles are just adorbs.  Little bats, pumpkins (what do you think, is that a hidden mickey in the middle of the pumpkin sprinkle?), lime green and purple -- the only sprinkle that puzzled me was the white one.

I was expecting a ghost, but it seemed to be a bone.  Like a dog bone...or maybe a skeleton bone?  Oh well, I still like it!

When I finally did bring myself to cut into it, the taste was just as heavenly as the appearance.  The icing was good Disney chocolate.  I bet you know what I'm talking the icing they put on really good brownies.  The cake was moist and lovely, plus there was caramel in the center!

It was a nice amount of caramel too, soft and lovely.  This cupcake gets two enthusiastic snobbish thumbs up!

Coming up...MNSSHP Costume Watching and a PUMPKIN cupcake from my favorite cupcake eatery on property (can you guess where??) ;)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Main St. Pumpkins: the Hub and Liberty Square

Just in case you aren't completely worn out with pumpkin pictures, here's just one more (quick!) post to finish off the Main St. pumpkin series!  We've seen the scarecrows in town square, we've been window-gazing above the shops all the way down Main St...but what about the opposite end of Main Street, the hub!


The hub is filled with spooky cattails and some new bronze statues!  Ordinarily you've got the partners statue and the smaller character statues (Dumbo, Pinocchio, Chip and Dale, etc.) on pedestals, but for Halloween there are a few more familiar faces out...

I absolutely LOVE Princess Minnie -- she looks so adorable!

And here's a silly jester who's just goofin' around!

Musketeer Donald has carved Daisy onto his jack o' sweet is that?

Pluto's all ready to serve as the second musketeer!  Since Goofy's a jester, Mickey must be the third musketeer -- but I guess they couldn't add a Mickey-as-musketeer statue since he's already standing with Walt!

There's lots of orange in the Magic Kingdom flower beds this time of year!

The fall swags across the bridge in Liberty Square caught my eye, so I went over to check them out!

It's Sleepy Hollow...of course it's got to have some good spooky decorations!

The kitchen doors to Sleepy Hollow are open, and they've got some heads for the headless horseman to choose!

There's lots of Nightmare before Christmas merch in the Liberty Square shops!

One of my favorite parts of the Halloween decor is tucked in this little courtyard between the Hall of Presidents and Columbia Harbour's a pumpkin patch!  And it's got some pretty GIANT pumpkins too!

Alright, just one last photo from Main Street itself I didn't get to post earlier...this is what you see leaving the park.

See ya real soon!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

F&W: Empanadas + Berries and Meatballs + Ginger Ice Cream

Hola!  I hope y'all aren't feeling too hungry (I know I'm now wishing I had a better dinner than spinach and veggies, lol!) -- because it's time for another Food & Wine post!

Here are Donald and Daisy arrived for it!

Tonight I decided to start with some Hispanic flavors, so I walked round to Mexico...

There was a Brazilian tour group in line at the Brazil booth.  How's that for irony?  And I'm not even kidding, I took a picture to prove it!

On examining the menu's, I decided to go with an Argentinian dish...

An empanada!  Mmmmm...doesn't it look tasty?

My youngest brother Dart, when he was about 4 - for reasons known only to him - desperately wanted a Dora the Explorer play kitchen for Christmas.  It was ALL he talked about for months, so there it was on Christmas morning!  It came with little plastic empanadas, so my F&W empanada made me think of Dart and his Dora kitchen. :)

Luckily the Food & Wine festival empanadas were not made of plastic.  My empanada (isn't that such a cool word?? say it out loud a few times "EM-pa-nada!"  Sorry, it's just fun to say!) - ANYway, it was entirely delicious.  Warm and meaty and flavorful on the inside, with the perfect crunch and munch to the pastry shell on the outside.  It was a good size too for $3.75 -- it gets a "brilliant" for value.

It was quite a busy evening -- the Food & Wine festival is really popular!

Speaking of Norway, I began to meander in that direction when I'd finished my empanada.  I came across the Scandinavia booth!

For design, Scandinavia gets a 10.  This booth is just adorable.  See the little dragon sticking off the top?  It looks like a red and white gingerbread house!

But unfortunately I was less than impressed with the food itself.  The dessert they offer is rice pudding with berries...which they also sell all year round in the Kringla bakery.  I noticed that the dish at the F&W booth is smaller than the dish at Kringla -- but the price for rice pudding at the booth ($2.75) is more than the price at Kringla ($2.44).  Tsk tsk.

I did decide to sample the Swedish meatballs with lingonberries at the Scandinavia booth.  Honestly, they tasted like three ordinary (and rather small) meatballs with berries -- they were good, and I liked the addition of the berries, but it was nothing to write home about.

On the up side, I did get to use one of these super-cool dispensers to get my fork.  You push the little red tab and the thing shoots a fork or spoon or knife out at you!  (well, it shoots it into the little tray anyway ;) )

Onward to China!  While waiting in line in Argentina when getting my empanada, the group in front of me was talking about how good the caramel ginger ice cream from China had been.  That had decided me on what I wanted for dessert!

The booth for China was really cute too.  I love the detail Disney puts into these things...the booths are only there for the month that Food & Wine is going on, but obviously Disney took the time to make them really beautiful!

I ordered my ice cream and, as usual, took my receipt along to the counter to get it.  It's fun to look back into the kitchens, because you can see some of the other items being prepared.

In China, they had these neat tea pots that they would pour broth out of, to go on top of the pot stickers.  The cast members saw me taking pictures, so the guy pouring the broth struck a pose.

lol, love it!

There's the ice cream!

It was a nice-sized container for $3.50, and very delicious -- I scooped up every last morsel!

It was a positively glorious evening.  The setting sun made World Showcase just glow.  I stood staring out at it for a few minutes, then decided to explore China's gardens a bit...

There was a tumbling performance going on...the crowds were so thick you could barely get a glance of the performers!

I love this little path behind the pond, it feels so peaceful and secluded, like it's your own personal discovery.

Reflections of China...but not the show. ;-)

I strolled over to America to see who was on at the "Eat to the Beat" concert -- it was Billy Ocean.  I stayed for a song or two, then strolled towards the exit.

Good night Epcot!