Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Quit Monkeyin' Around: This Cupcake Means Business

I know it's Tuesday, but for blogging purposes, let's pretend it's Monday.  My internet was being silly and slow and wouldn't let me upload photos on the *actual* Monday, but, it is willing to cooperate today!  Isn't it funny how technology can be so temperamental like that?

So.  Our cupcake quest today is going to take us into the wild...

...down the twisting jungle paths of the Animal Kingdom...

What we're looking for is an unassuming little coffee cart, fairly ordinary in appearance.  It's to your right when you come across the bridge from the Oasis to Discovery Island...

But when you take a look at their snackage options, among the standard cookies and pastries, you'll find a rather extraordinary-looking cupcake.

It's called the Cotton Top Tamarin cupcake.  At first I thought the little lollipop was supposed to be Simba, and I didn't get the name, but then one day I happened to come across a picture of this little guy:

photo credit: pelican/flickr

Yup.  It's a cupcake that looks like a cute lil' monkey.

But it's also so much more.

I went up to the coffee cart to order, and there were three CM's there and no one else in line.  When I asked for the cupcake, they all seemed interested.  "Ohhh, that cupcake.  [to another CM] Do we have any of those left?"  "Oh yeah, they're back in the freezer."

So one of the CM's goes to the freezer and brings back this:

And we all just stared at it in open-mouthed admiration for a few seconds.

I asked for a bag to carry it away in, and then we all deliberated the problem of fitting such a large cupcake into a bag while keeping its beauty intact.  I made sure to take more pics before anything could happen to it:

That big lollipop is one thing, but just check out the size of those huge chocolate shavings!!  And they were made from seriously good, quality chocolate too.

I couldn't resist trying a bite right away!

The icing was creamy and very nice.  Plus there was plenty of it!  I always like a dollop of icing for every bite of cake, and with this cupcake, the ratio of icing to cupcake was just perfect.

And can I mention just one more time how HUGE it was??  I wish I'd gotten something else in the pic for size comparison, because it was like twice the size of my hand.

If the Boardwalk probably has the best cupcakes on property, the Animal Kingdom probably has the biggest.  The cupcake itself was more the size of a muffin, then you pile on the icing, then top it off with a gigantic lollipop (which, by the by, was white chocolate with the same yummy dark chocolate for the face).

And the quality was just as intense as the quantity.  The cake was SO chocolaty and very dense.  It was just hovering on the brink of being too heavy, so if you like your cake light, this might not be the one for you.  I hadn't had dinner yet when I got it, and I took two bites and felt so. full.

So I'd advise getting it on your way out rather than your way in.

I brought it home with me and kept it in the fridge.  It was my dessert for almost a week.  Oh yeah.  That's a serious cupcake.


  1. That cupcake is HUGE!!I to am a cupcake lover and appriciate anything chocolate. Thanks for the pics. Where do you CM for?

  2. Oh yum! That's one delicious looking cupcake!!

    Deb @ Focused on the Magic