Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hammock Time

Today after work I stopped by the Polynesian.

When I started working at Disney, I was a little afraid that living so close to WDW would take the magic out of it.  So I was glad to find that I still got a thrill when I pulled in the gates and saw the "Aloha" sign.

And seeing the castle across the lagoon still put an extra skip in my step -- the Polynesian hasn't lost its pixie dust for me yet!

There was a cool breeze setting the palm trees whispering, and the sun wasn't too strong, it was just warm and pleasant on your face.

This is my happy place.

Only in a hammock can one's thoughts drift so blissfully and lazily -- and never worrisome thoughts, just gentle ones.  Like how big and blue the sky is, or how cool the sand is between your toes.

There's no particular reason for this post, I just thought I'd share the pics I took. :)

I can never resist a shadow picture!

And if you close your eyes and picture the gentle sway of the hammock, the sun gleaming, the green of the tropical palms, the blue of the water and sky, the white of the sand...then hopefully you can find some hammock thoughts too!

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