Friday, September 23, 2011

Disney Countdown Crafts

These past few months have been very DISNEY.  When I haven't been trying to get a job at Disney, visiting Disney, or actually working at Disney, I've been thinking about Disney.

It's non. stop! ;)

I've always loved scrapbooking and creative things, so earlier this summer I decided to work on some designs for Disney countdown calendars.  I recently opened up a shop on etsy, and I thought it would be fun to try to sell some.

If you've read my trip reports on the DIS, then you might remember this Ariel countdown I made for a Disney cruise trip:

It was two and a half feel tall and constructed of more than one hundred mickey head paint chips obtained on a super-secret mission to Home Depot.

lol, the countdown calendars I'm making for etsy aren't quite on the same scale as Ariel - they're more like 15 inches tall - but they're just as princess-y!

The first one I made was Cinderella.  It's kind-of a "count-up" the way Ariel was, because instead of taking down a piece every day, you add one instead.  It's like building a puzzle, and at the end, once you've counted down and added all the pieces, you have the whole princess, like in the picture!

I gave Cindy a sweet little smile, and the most fun part of making it was probably covering the dress and slipper with little sparkles of pixie dust!  Today I just finished up another princess:

I might like Belle even better than Cinderella.  But then, Belle is probably my favorite princess -- I mean, she has brown hair and the most epic library ever.  How can you top that?

Also I loved making Belle's rose.  I thought it turned out rather pretty!

I have a friend that's hoping to come out to Disney World at Christmas, so I'm thinking of working on a Christmas countdown next.  Maybe I'll do that one in a more traditional-type style, but the puzzle ones can be kinda fun, don't you think?

Now here's the question I really need your all's input on:

Which princess should I make next? :)


  1. Love these... you are such a clever girl!

  2. I love those princesses you are seriously talented!! I hope people buy them :]

  3. oh how cuuuuute! I am off to Etsy to see what you have!! We are leaving in46 days and we were deciding whether or not to do a calendar!!! Good Idea! I think you should do Snow White next--after all, she was the first one!!!!


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