Thursday, September 29, 2011

Birthday Preparations at the MK??

I have another update planned for today with some stories from work, but first I thought I'd do a quick post with something I saw at the Magic Kingdom yesterday...

I was curious when I noticed the crane over the castle down Main St., wondering if it was repairs or what they were doing up there!

When I got closer to the castle, I saw they were putting up lights!  I don't know if you can tell from the photo, but there's a net of lights (like the frosted ones they put up in the winter) right below the main spire and hanging across the front a bit -- they didn't seem to put them up anywhere else on the castle.

As I stood staring up at the lights and the workers in the little cage I wanted to yell up, "It's not even October yet -- how can you possibly be putting up the Christmas lights this early?!?"

lol, of course I didn't actually shout at them, but I kinda did want to ask how the view was -- I bet Main St. looks really cool from up there, don't you think??

I continued to wonder why they would put up the Christmas lights months before they could be needed - but when I got home and was surfing some Disney blogs, I read that the Magic Kingdom is doing a special finale to Wishes in honor of Walt Disney World's 40th anniversary.

OOOoohhhh, that's when I realized -- the lights probably have something to do with that!

The big day is October 1st, this Saturday, and luckily I have off!  You better bet I'll be heading over to the MK to see what surprise birthday celebrations they might have going on.  I can't wait to see those lights in action!

**It turns out, sadly, that there were no special lights in the 40th anniversary Wishes, only some extra perimeter fireworks during the finale.  Looks like those were just the Christmas lights!**

Monday, September 26, 2011

Beach Club Sweets

Today's cupcakes will be brought to you by:

The Beach Club!

Most days after work, I'm too tired to do anything other than go home, get off my feet, eat, and watch some mindless television.  But some evenings (especially when I know I have the next day off!), I feel up for a little more walking and a little Disney adventure.

Tonight was one of those evenings, and after work I drove over to the old B.C.

Did you know they replaced the furniture somewhat recently??  I love those elegant little couches.  I sat writing letters for an hour or so.

I think those funky chairs used to be upholstered in pink.  I like the blue too - it's just fun to notice the little changes around the World!

So tonight is going to be a two-for-one cupcake Monday, because while I only bought one cupcake, there was another cute one I thought I'd share:


Don't you love it when they do special snacks for the holidays?  The beach club has these special Halloween treats - little pumpkin Donald mugs, each filled with a mini cupcake!

At about $6 a pop it seemed a little pricey considering I didn't love the mug (and you couldn't buy just the cupcake.  I asked, lol.), but those little witch faces on top were cute!

Instead I adjourned to the refrigerated case:

 After some deliberation I decided to go with...

RED VELVET.  Ohhhh yeah.

I love the way they swirled the icing so prettily!

At first I could not figure out for the life of me what the little red squares were supposed to say.  "Each Clu"...what could that mean??  Then it dawned on me: they're printed with the words "Yacht and Beach Club Resorts," only some of the letters get cut off.  Still, cute!

Freshly-baked cupcakes (like the Monday ones I've posted about so far) run about $4 including tax at Disney.  The nice thing about cupcakes from the cases like this red velvet one is that, while not quite as fresh, they cost more like $2.50, which is really a steal for a nice big cupcake, especially at Disney!

It was rainy out around Crescent Lake tonight.  Perfect cupcake weather - makes you want to grab a cup of tea and a good book too!

I couldn't resist a quick walk to enjoy the raindrops and admire the evening.  The sky was so pretty, it colored the lake in dreamy pinks and purples.

It was a lovely little sojourn to the B.C...definitely worth the extra walking!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Quit Monkeyin' Around: This Cupcake Means Business

I know it's Tuesday, but for blogging purposes, let's pretend it's Monday.  My internet was being silly and slow and wouldn't let me upload photos on the *actual* Monday, but, it is willing to cooperate today!  Isn't it funny how technology can be so temperamental like that?

So.  Our cupcake quest today is going to take us into the wild...

...down the twisting jungle paths of the Animal Kingdom...

What we're looking for is an unassuming little coffee cart, fairly ordinary in appearance.  It's to your right when you come across the bridge from the Oasis to Discovery Island...

But when you take a look at their snackage options, among the standard cookies and pastries, you'll find a rather extraordinary-looking cupcake.

It's called the Cotton Top Tamarin cupcake.  At first I thought the little lollipop was supposed to be Simba, and I didn't get the name, but then one day I happened to come across a picture of this little guy:

photo credit: pelican/flickr

Yup.  It's a cupcake that looks like a cute lil' monkey.

But it's also so much more.

I went up to the coffee cart to order, and there were three CM's there and no one else in line.  When I asked for the cupcake, they all seemed interested.  "Ohhh, that cupcake.  [to another CM] Do we have any of those left?"  "Oh yeah, they're back in the freezer."

So one of the CM's goes to the freezer and brings back this:

And we all just stared at it in open-mouthed admiration for a few seconds.

I asked for a bag to carry it away in, and then we all deliberated the problem of fitting such a large cupcake into a bag while keeping its beauty intact.  I made sure to take more pics before anything could happen to it:

That big lollipop is one thing, but just check out the size of those huge chocolate shavings!!  And they were made from seriously good, quality chocolate too.

I couldn't resist trying a bite right away!

The icing was creamy and very nice.  Plus there was plenty of it!  I always like a dollop of icing for every bite of cake, and with this cupcake, the ratio of icing to cupcake was just perfect.

And can I mention just one more time how HUGE it was??  I wish I'd gotten something else in the pic for size comparison, because it was like twice the size of my hand.

If the Boardwalk probably has the best cupcakes on property, the Animal Kingdom probably has the biggest.  The cupcake itself was more the size of a muffin, then you pile on the icing, then top it off with a gigantic lollipop (which, by the by, was white chocolate with the same yummy dark chocolate for the face).

And the quality was just as intense as the quantity.  The cake was SO chocolaty and very dense.  It was just hovering on the brink of being too heavy, so if you like your cake light, this might not be the one for you.  I hadn't had dinner yet when I got it, and I took two bites and felt so. full.

So I'd advise getting it on your way out rather than your way in.

I brought it home with me and kept it in the fridge.  It was my dessert for almost a week.  Oh yeah.  That's a serious cupcake.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hammock Time

Today after work I stopped by the Polynesian.

When I started working at Disney, I was a little afraid that living so close to WDW would take the magic out of it.  So I was glad to find that I still got a thrill when I pulled in the gates and saw the "Aloha" sign.

And seeing the castle across the lagoon still put an extra skip in my step -- the Polynesian hasn't lost its pixie dust for me yet!

There was a cool breeze setting the palm trees whispering, and the sun wasn't too strong, it was just warm and pleasant on your face.

This is my happy place.

Only in a hammock can one's thoughts drift so blissfully and lazily -- and never worrisome thoughts, just gentle ones.  Like how big and blue the sky is, or how cool the sand is between your toes.

There's no particular reason for this post, I just thought I'd share the pics I took. :)

I can never resist a shadow picture!

And if you close your eyes and picture the gentle sway of the hammock, the sun gleaming, the green of the tropical palms, the blue of the water and sky, the white of the sand...then hopefully you can find some hammock thoughts too!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Boardwalk Bakery Bliss

Hello peoples!

First off is the obligatory apology: really I did mean to post more often this week!  But every day I've been working, and every evening I've been so tired - I have to get used to standing on my feet for nearly eight hours a day!

It should be quieting down soon, though - I won't be working so many days in a row, and I am determined to be a more regular blogger!

ANYway, it is Monday, right? about we start off the week with an Oreo cupcake from the BOARDWALK BAKERY!

If you have never been to the Boardwalk Bakery, then you defs need to get there on your next trip.  I have to say: they may have the best cupcakes on property.

Oh yes.  The best.

The theming here is so cute too - I love the tiles and the cakes lined up on the shelf.

So. One afternoon I moseyed over to the Boardwalk for lunch.

Nooo, this isn't the cupcake yet!  I happened to get the mozzarella tomato sandwich and it was really good, so I figured I'd share the pic.  The roll it's on looks normal, but actually it's a focaccia roll they make at the Boardwalk -- really good.

Since the bakery only has outdoor seating, I took my lunch up to eat in the pretty lobby.

Back to the sweets -- this was the cupcake!  It was vanilla cake with the lightest vanilla icing you can possibly imagine.  It tasted like the Boardwalk bakers had reached up into the sky and whipped it up from a handy cloud!!  And inside there was a just-as-light Oreo cream filling.

Can you say Mmmmmm?

The big freshly-made Disney cupcakes normally run about $4.25 (with tax).  Sometimes you cringe when you pay that much for the cupcake, but let me tell you: this one was DEFINITELY worth it.

Also, while the vanilla one in this picture was lovely, I have also heard they sometimes do a CHOCOLATE Oreo cupcake, and I can only imagine how divine that would be!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Mondays are for Cupcakes

I have decided.  On this blog, Monday's pinch of pixie dust will always involve: CUPCAKES.

There are so many tasty tiny treats at WDW, it's hard to decide which to start with!

But I think I'll start off with the most recent one .  Last week, there was a very wet, drizzly afternoon.  I was feeling restless - I just needed to get out of the house.  So I caught up my umbrella, stuffed some books and letters to write into my purse, and went out.

Where to go at Disney when it's rainy out and you want to be cozy?

After a little deliberation, I turned my tires towards the Wilderness Lodge! It was very quiet as I drove under the rustic arch.  I love how the rain hushes the world like that.  The fellow at the security gate said "have a nice time, princess."  I love that too.

 The buffalo had gone in, and today there was a green goose out front guarding the lodge.

Ahhhhhhhhh...there's something about entering a Disney lobby.  Just the smell is enough to make you smile and feel instantly relaxed.

First stop: Roaring Fork.  It's cupcake time.

I weighed my options: there was a lovely-looking carrot cupcake which I had actually already tried (will have to save that for another Monday!), and I was in a chocolate-y mood, so I went for the impressive-looking s'mores cupcake.

Ohhhhhhh YEAH.  That is one big. bad. cupcake.


I snapped a few pics, then took my treat up a floor to this cozy table overlooking the lobby.

Occasionally the peace and quiet was interrupted by the folks at Whispering Canyon bellowing for ketchup, but that just added to the atmosphere, lol!

It was the perfect place to sit and read and write some letters...

...and, of course, sample the cupcake!

Want a bite?
The icing was absolutely lovely - so marshmallow-y and creamy.  The cake itself I was expecting to be chocolate, but it was graham-cracker-y instead.  Not bad, but a bit of a let-down...


There was a square of Hershey's chocolate embedded in the cake as well as one garnishing the top, which was good, but it could've used another square or two.

It was a very nice cupcake.  But it could've been perfect if only there had been a little more chocolate!  Then again, for me, that last statement could probably apply to most desserts!  All in all, I'd give the WL s'mores cupcake 8 out of 10 snobbish stars!

Hope you have a happy Monday!